Monday, January 18, 2010

The adventure begins

This new blog is to document a new turn in our lives and a fresh start in a new place... Here is how it all started.
The other night after Adam arrived home and we shared a nice dinner together I sat down on the couch and begin sifting through the many real estate websites that I often visit. I got in the habit of doing this when Adam first started searching for rental properties to buy. There are certain areas of town that I always check out to see what is new on the market or what has been foreclosed on. One of these areas is mesta park in okc, a historical neighborhood with urban living. You see it has always been a dream of ours to restore an older home complete with glass door knobs and a clawfoot tub. A few days prior I had found a house in mesta park that had gone up for sale and decided to call on it out of curiosity more than anything but it had already been sold within a few days of being listed. My competitive nature kicked in and I was determined to find the best deal in this awesome area (not with intent to buy mind you). So you can imagine my surprise when I came across a HUD home that was located in Mesta. I called Adam over to the computer to show off my found treasure and begged him to drive me to go see it even though it was 10:30 on a week night. Being the awesome hubby he is he humored me and told me to grab a coat. So off we go in our pj's to see this house. We found it and decided to get out and look around. It was pretty rough looking but our curiosity was heightened. Adam decided to call on it the next morning just to find out some more info and after crunching some numbers decided it might be worth it to go see again and set up an appointment for the next day. Talking about it that evening we crunched some numbers again and decided not to get our hopes up. From what we had seen by looking in the front windows this 1910 house needed all new sheet rock, plumbing, wiring, stabilization ect.... and would be a HUGE project. Arriving at the meeting the next morning we walked around the block a bit waiting for the realtor and actually ran into a friend of ours who was living across the street. Long story short we looked at the house and was pleasantly surprised to see that while it did need a LOT of work the work that needed done wouldn't be as expensive as we thought and that most of the work we could do ourselves. It was just the front room that had been gutted but the rest of the house had been previously "fixed" up. The realtor that was there informed us that the house was only on a four day auction and that there were several bids that were going to be placed. After much deliberation and consulting both of our parental units we decided we needed to place a bid as well. I was nervous the whole next day. I was nervous we would get it and nervous that we wouldn't. After sweating it out all day our realtor called and informed us that we had won the bidding process. There were a total of seven, three owner occupied bids below ours and three investor bids above ours. Since we were the highest owner occupied bid it was given to us. Completely ecstatic we drove out to see it once more. We stood in the front yard of our new house taking in how much the course of our lives had changed in just a few days and the amount of work it is going to require of us but also dreaming about what life might be like in this wonderful new neighborhood!

* Thought I would add some info on it.... Its a two story duplex with 2bd, 1bth, living, kitchen, utilities ect downstairs and 3bd,1bth, living, kitchen, utilities ect. upstairs. When you walk through the front door you can either turn right and go through another set of locked doors to the main part of the house or you can go upstairs to the second floor. We plan on living on the main floor while renting out the top unit to some friends until we either decide we need the extra space for some munchkins (not anytime soon mom) or want to rent out the whole place and move on to the next one.


  1. Dude. That is awesome, guys. Congratulations!!!

  2. Hey! okay after reading this I get it! what a great opportunity to make it your own! when is the remodeling going to start and when are you wanting to be in it by?