Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm apologizing for the cheesy title... now moving on.
Adam and I have slowly been getting our current house ready to sell, boxing up things we can do without for a while, getting rid of old clothes we don't wear, finally replacing the hot water tank (a whole other story that I might revisit on a future blog) etc. But today we got the big important phone call... HUD is ready to have the closing on the new house. We have set a date that is less than two weeks away... AHHHH. While we do need a bit of time to fix up the new one before moving in, we really are hoping this one doesn't sit on the market for too long. Its becoming more real that we will actually be tackling this and moving. Having a closing date has lit a small fire under us and is causing us to move a little faster on our current home. Knowing that neither of us would have to work today due to the weather we had big plans for finishing up. However after waking up and realizing that the snow is a lot prettier than yesterday's ice I'm being a bit distracted. I opened up all our curtains and I'm really enjoying the view. December's snow was pretty and a lot deeper but was very over shadowed by my most favorite holiday of the year. This snow however has no holiday to take its glory. Its simple, but enough to slow down life. So for now I think cleaning and the for sale sign will have to wait.
The picture below was taken earlier. It is now 1:40 and a lot more has fallen with no real sign of letting up soon!
Isn't it cute??... You know you want to buy it!

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